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101 Great Minds on Music, Brands And Behavior: Conversations at the Crossroads of Audio and Advertising

Attachment-1How important is music in building a brand? What drives creative decisions around music in advertising? How does sound shape consumer perception and influence behavior? What role does research and measurement play in evaluating audio choices – and return on investment?

As an audio brand consultancy, these are questions we wrestle with every day, in pursuit of better ways of helping our clients harness the power of sound to engage consumers, increase awareness and drive purchase intent. In 2010, Uli Reese and I decided it was time to turn those questions outward, hoping to benefit from the insights and experiences of key influencers in the worlds of branding and advertising.

Armed with a digital recorder and a passion for discovery, Uli set out on a mission to engage industry leaders in honest conversations about music and advertising. Those conversations were ultimately compiled into a book that contains over 400 pages of candid interviews: “101 Great Minds on Music, Brands and Behavior.”

As we connected the dots, we learned a few things along the way. Continue reading